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ADSL Service Avantages

. Always On-With ADSL, a user is always connected. There is no dial-up required and at any point of time a user can jump onto the Internet. That means no more logging on and off, no more busy signals, and no more waiting for the connection to happen-it always there.
. Speed - ADSL provides high-speed digital access
. Users will receive a specified invoice bill that isn’t defined by time of use nor the average of use
. Easy to change your ADSL speed, by contacting your ISP
. High quality.
. ADSL enables interactive video, online games, also sending mail.
. Flexible - It does not affect the normal telephone, so you can make and receive telephone calls or faxes while online.
. Reliable - ADSL utilizes the existing telephone network, which is highly reliable and is a proven means of communication.
. Surf & Talk - You can enjoy the benefit of using the phone at the same time the your Internet connection is on.

Also we can find below simple comparison between ADSL service & Dialup Service :



constant connection, that is always on, 24 hour Requires the customer to dial into a server and be authenticated in order to receive access
Desired speed can be purchased from the DSL provider and can range from 256Kbps to 8Mbps or more Speed varies depending on connection and phone lines with a maximum of 56Kbps.
Can provide access to multiple users and offices through one line and one account. Each user requires their own account and a separate phone line.
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